When it comes to picking out how to decorate your tree where do most people begin? With the lights and as time has gone on, there are many choices of lights to put on a tree from Bright white lights to colored lights, that is where the battle usually begins. 

Many people have grown up colorful lights on their trees, but these days many people are turning to that bright light. The bright white lights add a touch of elegance. Bright white lights are a perfect starting place for any color theme that you decide to go with. They add a subtle glimmer and magical quality to holiday decorating. Color lights seem to overpower trees sometimes. Bright white lights complement other home decor while adding a glow to any room. 

Colored lights, many people grew up with the classic c9 colorful bulbs, which can inspire a playful decor and room palette. When using colorful lights you can go from classy and choosing one or two specific colors. or you can add more for a more festive vibe. Now since many things have changed the light world there are now LED lighting which can be customized to each person's liking. 

Whether you choose to have colored lights or bright white lights each have their own unique qualities and can add so much happiness to any decor in any room.
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