70 Count Standard Grade C6 Faceted Purple LED Light Set with In-Line Rectifer 4" Spacing on Green Wire

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  • Purple
  • C6 Lights
  • 70 Count Light Set
  • 22 Gauge Green Wire
  • 23' Long
  • 4" Spacing
  • 4" Lead Cords
  • Connect up to 210 Watts Per Plu
Part Number: S-70C6PU-4G
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The C6 LED lamps look just like little strawberries. Half the size of a traditional C7 lamps these lights give the perfect pop for any decorating idea. Each set contains 70 Points of Light and is 23' long with 4" spacing between each lamp. The Leads are 4" with stackable end-to-end plugs. Using substantially less power than the traditional incandescent set, connect up to 210 watts. UL listed for indoor and outdoor use. Each set is rated at 4.9 watts.


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